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Replica Skulls

All replicas are molded with a sturdy resin material using a special process of roto-casting. This allows for more detail than many simpler mold making processes. By offering a selection of replica skulls educators now have access to a range of skulls that are normally unavailable. The lightweight material used in the process also aids in easy transport and storage of the pieces. These are a few examples of the many specimens available. Replicas come with information cards for identification. The cards also make the skulls more useful for the educator and students.
(Large catalog of available replicas. If you don't see something you are looking for, please inquire.)
* Special educators discount available. Please inquire when placing order.

Replica > Miscellaneous Teeth

Product Name Model Price
African Elephant Tooth African Elephant Tooth R T65 $44.00
AMERICAN CROCODILE..Crocodylus acutus. TOOTH AMERICAN CROCODILE..Crocodylus acutus. TOOTH T317 $4.00
American Mastodon tooth American Mastodon tooth T18 $44.00
Asian Elephant Tooth Asian Elephant Tooth R T301 $66.00
Asian Hippopotamus Tooth Row Asian Hippopotamus Tooth Row T36 $22.00
Asian Hippopotamus Tooth Row With Root Asian Hippopotamus Tooth Row With Root T36A $16.50
Bison Tooth Bison Tooth T01 $7.00
Bison Tooth Bison Tooth T01A $8.80
Camelops Tooth Camelops Tooth T03 $8.80
Cave Bear Canine Cave Bear Canine T24A $8.80
Cave Bear Molar Cave Bear Molar T24B $8.80
Desmostylus Molar Worn Desmostylus Molar Worn T309 $16.50
Desmostylus Tooth Unerupted Desmostylus Tooth Unerupted T308 $16.50
Diprotodon Tooth Diprotodon Tooth T15A $12.00
Elephant Seal Canine Elephant Seal Canine R T39 $7.70
Eremotherium Tooth Eremotherium Tooth T13 $13.20
False Killer whale Tooth False Killer whale Tooth T318 $4.40
Gomphothere Tooth Gomphothere Tooth T14 $12.10
Gomphothere Tusk Gomphothere Tusk M28G $44.00
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