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Skull Sets
Skull sets are designed to give educators pre-made kits that allow them to be immediately put to use.  The skull sets come with an information card for each skull and also ideas and activities for using them in the classroom.  By purchasing skull sets the educator receives an extra discount over buying the skulls individually.  We have designed the kits to maximize diversity over a given topic.

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North American Skull Set

This kit consists of ten high quality resin replicas of North American animals. The diversity allows a wide range of hands on activities that can be done in a many different educational settings. Each replica skull is accompanied by an information card about the animal and a good quality picture that allows the learner to match the skull with the actual animal. Also included in the kit is the book Animal Skulls by Richard White a great book with activities and information on how to use skulls in educational settings. (click on thumbnail for larger image)

North American Skull Kit

  1. Black Bear
  2. White Tail Deer
  3. Alligator
  4. Bobcat
  5. Mountain Lion
  6. Raccoon
  7. Great Horned Owl
  8. Opossum
  9. Coyote
  10. Turkey skull


Kit can be customized to your region of the country, please inquire.

Omnivore, Herbivore and Carnivore Skull Set

This three skull set will help your students get a hands-on experience with the different tooth structures of diverse feeding adaptations. By allowing the students to actually touch and observe the skulls they will be able to get a deeper understanding of the variations. The skulls can be used as keys to unlock the concept of omnivore, herbivore and carnivore.

Small Set
  1. Bobcat
  2. Raccoon
  3. Beaver

Replica set $175

Real Bone set $110

Bobcat skull  species: Felis rufus Raccoon skull  species: Procyon lotor Beaver skull Castor Canadensis
Large Set
  1. Mountain Lion
  2. Black Bear
  3. White tail deer

Replica set $386

Mountain Lion skull  species: Felis concolor Black Bear skull species: Ursus americana White Tail Deer skull  species: Odocoileus virginianus
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