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Skeletons - Articulated & Mounted

All skeleton specimens come mounted on a black lacquered base matched with an attractive acrylic top for protection.  The acrylic top can be removed for access to the skeleton or glued down to prevent damage.  Included with each skeleton is a line drawing of the skeleton with many of the bones labeled.

Carp Skeleton

Carassius aurutus


Frog Skeleton

Rana pipiens


Rat Skeleton

Rattus novegicus albue


Toad Skeleton

Bufo melanostictus


Pigeon Skeleton

Columba livia


Bat Skeleton

Pipistrellus abramus


Skull Comparison

from five vertebrate classes Fish, Frog, Turtle, Pigeon and Rabbit.


Front Limb Comparison

of five vertebrate classes


Hind Limb Comparison

of five vertebrate classes


Spinal Column Comparison

of five vertebrate classes


Rabbit Skeleton Oryctolagus cuniculus Rabbit Skeleton

Oryctolagus cuniculus

EBI 1004...$95.00

Cat skeleton Felis catus Cat Skeleton

Felis catus

EBI 1009...$110.00

Turtle Skeleton

Clemmys reevesii

EBI 1005...$70.00

Lizard Skeleton Eumences chinesis Lizard Skeleton

Eumences chinesis

EBI 1007...$50.00

Poisonous snake skeleton Agistrodon halys Venomous Snake Skeleton

Agistrodon halys

EBI 1006...$55.00

Non-poisonous snake skeleton Dinodon rufoznatum Non-venomous Snake Skeleton

Dinodon rufoznatum

EBI 1016...$55.00

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