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Educational Fossil Kits
Dig in a Day Kit 

The Dig in a Day kit allows the educator to set up a fun and exciting fossil hunt for the students! The kit contains over a pound of mixed marine fossils anything from fossil shark teeth, ammonites and fossil shells to fossil sting ray mouth plates and barbs. The kit has the eight most common fossils in the bag identified with pictures and time periods and allows the students to begin their quest at building their own fossil collection. The fossils can ignite the students desire to learn more about prehistoric life! (click on thumbnail for larger image)


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Fossil Shark Tooth Kit

The Fossil shark tooth kit comes with over a pound of fossil shark teeth and assorted ray mouth plates and even a few unusual fossils such as shark, sea snake and fish vertebrae!. The kit also comes with an activity guide that helps the educator bring the fossils to life! The background information will also help prepare the students to become engaged in the learning opportunities the fossils provide. By using the activities in conjunction with the real fossil material the educator can connect concepts with real hands-on learning! (click on thumbnail for larger image)


Included identification guide (8.5" x 11")
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